Thursday, August 8, 2013

After Hours Ep.1: The Conjuring

Me and my sisters saw The Conjuring (2013).

In the first After Hours episode me and my two sisters (Raven & Mandie), discuss our thoughts on The Conjuring. Well... sort of. We all liked it, but we tended to keep bringing up the creepy demon doll featured in the movie called Annabelle. In the movie the doll is pretty creepy. I don't see how any child would have wanted a doll that looked like that. Then I found out, like all movies, Hollywood tends to exaggerate on things. In real life demon doll Annabelle was really an old Raggedy Ann doll. Not so scary.

Also there are books written by the oldest Perron daughter that document all the crazy stuff that happen during the 10 years her family lived in the house. The books are called House of Darkness, House of Light, by Andrea Perron. There are three books in total. And I want to read them badly to know what really happened!

Overall, the movie was pretty good! All three of us have actually seen it twice already in theaters. I don't agree that it's as scary as The Exorcist, but the first time I watched it I was on the edge of my seat. Second time around it wasn't as scary since I knew where all the scary parts happened. If you like horror movies, in particular haunted house movies, then The Conjuring is one you should check out.

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